Extract of cannabis ‘can ease’ psychosis

The chemical cannabidiol, or CBD, an extract derived from cannabis, appears to reduce psychotic symptoms by reducing brain function abnormalities, according to a new study.

Bhattacharyya explains the motivation for the recent study, saying, “The mainstay of current treatment for people with psychosis are drugs that were first discovered in the 1950s and unfortunately do not work for everyone”.

The researchers noted abnormal brain activity in all the volunteers who had experienced psychosis symptoms.

“We knew from previous studies that CBD had antipsychotic effects, but we didn’t know how it worked”, said Bhattacharyya. “Our outcomes bask in started unraveling the mind mechanisms of a brand new drug that works in a completely diverse manner to weak antipsychotics”. Sixteen of the 33 participants received capsules containing CBD while 17 received placebo capsules.

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